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Information Technology has always been at the core of Union Fabrics' growth. We have made IT a separate department working directly under the CEO, having highly experience and knowledgeable staff headed by CIO. We take pride in the achievements that our IT department has made over the past decade.

All of our production units are connected with data center at head office through radio frequency to provide real time data and reports to improve productivity and controls. This real time connectivity helps in the seamless flow of information throughout the organization. Our in-house, custom-built ERP system caters to our unique way of running the company and plays a key role in providing flexibility without loosing controls. The linkage of production, inventory, sales and payroll helps in eliminating redundancy of data inputs and allows availability of information reports for all levels of management. The ERP allows traceability of the goods produced as well as facilitates in compliance and audit of the company.

Our IT designed and built our own Loom Data System (LDS) and has installed it on all of our looms, which is accessible via smart phones by the concerned managers to stay updated with the current data of the looms and take corrective measures with immediate effect, thus ensuring optimum efficiency of the loom shed and quality of the fabrics. Moreover, we are currently working over a Real Time Order Tracking System (RTOTS), which will soon be embedded into our website and enabling our customers (provided with login credentials) to login and stay updated with the current status of their orders.