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Our core strength is weaving. As different markets have different bed sizes as well as various end uses, we have the combination of Projectile and Airjet weft insertion looms in several different working widths enabling us to produce the most economical fabric to serve the varying needs. This combination also gives us tremendous flexibility in cost and quality. We can also weave several panels of fabric simultaneously on a wider width loom to produce narrow width light to medium fabrics at very competitive pricing.

Our weaving units now comprised of Brand-New 137 Picanol® OMNIplus Summum Airjet Looms and 150 Late-Model Sulzer® PU/P7100/P7200 Shuttleless Looms in various widths. All our weaving machines are equipped with side and center tuckers along with leno selvedge attachment to cater to the different selvedge requirements based on its end use. The weaving facilities are capable of producing fine bedding fabrics in high thread density using fine counts of yarn in Sheetings, Percale, Sateen, Twills, Drills, and Dobbies.


Weaving Preparatory

Weaving is incomplete without having a strong weaving preparatory machine i.e. Sizing/Slasher, for this purpose we have installed back processing machines from well-known manufacturers like Benninger® and Sucker® with Pre-Wet and PLEVA accessories. The headstock of 4.2 meters working width allows us to make single warp beams to reduce bowing and to maintain tension throughout the width of the fabric.